Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More of the little lady

I had so much going through all of the pictures that I wanted to share some more with you.

She was a really happy baby!

We used to go to a place called Enchanted Village. They had rides and a kiddie pool.
I blame my best friends mother for Shay being a shopaholic. Look what she was wearing at 6 months. It shays "Born to Shop" on the top and "and shop and shop" on the leg.
I encouraged her to read at a young age.

And who does not have the butt shot?
Oops, almost had to make this R rated.
Can you find the baby?
I have more to share on another day.


Debbie said...

What's Mom doing down there going through baby pictures? Are you getting organized or missing the girl like crazy :)?

I love the pictures and I bet Shay does too! Especially the butt one LOL!! I'm planning on one day doing the same thing since I can't manage to scrapbook!!

Lisa J said...

Oh those are great. You are really going through the photos and getting them scanned. I really need to make myself do that too. Keep the pictures coming!!!!

Tonjia said...

these pictures are killing me! I think Shay is the cutest little baby ever..

is she going to die when she knows her naked baby butt is on the internet??? LOL