Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pictures from Key West

Finally, I have pictures from Key West to post. Aren't you excited? I know I am.

This is the Southernmost Point in the US.
This is a sunset looking out from Mallory Square.
This is looking out the bottom of the glass bottom boat. Hubby had to take these.
Because I was up top not feeling so well. Hubby was not feeling well after he took this!
This is a cat sleeping on Hemingways bed. There are over 70 cats that live at this place. Don't they believe in the spay and neuter program?
And chickens and roosters are a protected animal so they wonder around wherever they want. They even walk in the restuarants.
On another note, I have a rant. I have a friend in Denver who rescues Deaf French Bulldogs. She had contacted me earlier to see if I could pick up a puppy in St. Cloud, FL and since it is only 90 miles away I told her sure. Well, then they ladies husband said no. Well, yesterday the lady wrote to my friend and said "he is available. I need to find him a new home before this weekend. We were out of town and he did not do well. And I am going out of town this weekend and again the next weekend". So my friend contacts me and I say sure. Hubby and I are planning to go out to pick up this deaf puppy (I think he is 4 months old). Then she calls me and tells me that the lady already has someone coming over. WTF! Why would you write to someone and tell them he is available if you already have someone else coming over to pick him up. Some people should not be pet owners! Having a deaf dog is very hard and especialy if you are not trained in having them. I just hope who ever she sold him to takes care of him. I ended up contacting the lady and told her that if for whatever reason it did not work out to please, please contact me. It is important just to get them out of a situation and worry about the other stuff later.
Don't venting. 2 more days and Shay will be here for the weekend. What to do?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great pics.

Sorry about the frenchie. Maybe you'll get him after all.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that whatever happens, he/she is well taken care of.


Debbie said...

LOL, see my brain is mush! I just read that you had ridden a motorcycle before and I forgot! Geez...

Your pictures from Key West are beautiful and the one of the sky would be great for SkyWatch Friday! Not sure if I could do the glass bottom boat either but I'm jealous you went to Hemingway's House!! Yeah, what's up with the cats? I love the free Rooster roam!

Still paying bills and everyone of them has gone up...ARGH...

Your dog story is sad...were you going to keep it and add to the 3? I heard with all the foreclosures, the shelters are overflowing with pets whose owners have lost their homes...also very sad.

2 days till Shay!! You could go to the beach again? Quality talk? Shop? Hug? Eat? At least you have a daughter..be thankful LOL and not a SON!

Tonjia said...

Michelle, we do basset hound rescue and have had this happen to us also. just 3 weeks ago we were going to rescue a mini doxie. We told the people we would come to get him the next day and they sent him to the shelter that night.

Some people need to be hit upside the head!

I have always wanted to go to the Keys, I am glad you guys had a good time.

Give Shay a hug for me!

Lisa J said...

I love your pictures as well. See I should have used that tracking devise and stayed at your place with you. That is b-e-a-u-tiful there. Man that is terrible about the dog/puppy. I am so sensitive about animals I just can't stand stuff like that. Hope all goes well and his new home will treat him great.