Thursday, July 10, 2008

Storm Season

It is huricane season in Florida. How would you like living in an area where the seasons are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Huricane? Just about every afternoon the storms roll in. Of course it is at the time when I am driving home from work. You know what that means? Traffic.

Last night the storm did not hit until around 7pm but it was a doozy. Here is a video clip from my camera. I hope it comes through.

My poor Brutus. He hates thunder and this storm brought some loud thunder that rocked the house. He was actually shaking. I hate to think of him suffering alone when a storm comes through while we are at work.

Speaking of work. I have been so busy that I have not even been able to read the bogs I like to read let alone post something. I hope you all will understand.


Debbie said...

Yes, of course we understand busy and we still love you! Florida does get some rain and LOTS at one time. Looks like a doozie for yesterday though. We had plenty also. I managed to get part of yard mowed a little while ago before it started again. But, we do need the rain!!

We also miss you :)

Lisa J said...

Looks like a pretty awesome storm. The sound did not come through for me on the computer, but honestly, I have heard thunder yesterday. We have had two days of rain, thunder and lightning. I love weather like that, but think I would tire of it every single afternoon. Hey, quit working so hard, that's no fun!